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Catalina Cruz Bio and Information

Catalina Cruz filmed her first real porn video in 2000. It was a lesbian scene and her first time having sex with another girl. That shoot was the start of her journey down a path to a very successful career in adult entertainment.

Catalina was born September 14, 1979 in Cleveland, Ohio. She had never intended to become a porn star. Then in 1999, she modeled topless for a black and white artistic photographer and really appreciated the beautiful results. She found that she loved the work and wanted to continue with it, taking things even farther than she had ever dreamed.

Formerly known as Jenna Z, this brunette babe was constantly told that she strongly resembled mainstream actress, Penelope Cruz, but with much larger breasts. After hearing it so much and taking it as the compliment intended, she changed her name to Catalina Cruz. Her breast size has also changed since entering the industry. She was one a 32C and now sports a very voluptuous pair of 32DDs.

Catalina Cruz won the 2009 AVN Web Starlet of the Year Award and with good reason. She is extremely hot and exceptionally talented.

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